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  • Story of A changed life: Asia

    We went into China for "English language camp" with these student's teachers risking everything to bring their classes.  The team did a Vacation Bible School program with Bible Stories dramatized, crafts, games, puppets, clowns, and more as we developed relationships with the kids.  At the beginning of the week, this young girl and most of the other dozens of kids had NEVER heard the story of Jesus.  By the end of the week, they were born again Christians.  Many of their parents also received Christ.  They took home the Bibles we smuggled in.  Recently, we heard back from one of the students that was there and how they were involved in an underground church and how lives were forever changed because of the impact of bringing the Good News to these kids and their families that week. Click the word "video" in green here to see the kids clowning around at the camp in China. (we try not to publish too many photos that can identify these at risk kids.) Video

  • Story of A changed life: Africa

    Three orphans, ages 4, 7, and 11 lived alone because their grandparents died in the genocide and their parents died of AIDS.  Their home was a one room rusted sheet metal walls and roof with a dirt floor.  The furniture -- a few plywood 2x4 boards on cinder blocks for a table.  Inside was one tattered blanket to share on the floor.  Outside, a tiny spot for a fire to cook with one pot, a wooden spoon, and two chipped bowls.  That is all that these kids owned -- no change of clothes, no toys, no running water, and very little food in this home they lived in with no adults to provide.  The pastor had us doing an outreach in the neighborhood with rice, beans, flour, sugar, bananas, soap, and strangely, matches and birthday candles. I could not understand why we would bring birthday candles -- until I saw that these kids only light was these tiny fires burning on between the boards one at a time each day so they could see inside the darkness. I couldn't stop crying. Now, we brought them some supplies for the week, but more importantly, we led them to Christ and got them connected to the local church and Christian school to help them long term.  When we went back again three years later, we cried again when we heard the testimonies of how the ones we ministered to before are actively involved in the church being discipled still.  Light being brought in darkness is the purpose of Family of Faith Global Missions. Here is a video of the worship time we had the day our team met these orphans. Click this word  video to see it -- Video.

Podcast: Miracle Stories from the Mission Field

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Children who lay hands on sick people and tumors disappear, whole households get born again from the soulwinning witnessing of kids, worship services filled with kids kneeling and weeping before the Lord for hours in His presence, people coming out of wheelchairs, miracle after miracle -- click the word "video" above to listen now for many more stories!