This pie chart shows a general overview of the IRS categorical expenses for our non-profit.  The data on this chart is from fiscal year 2020 (incidentally a very low year for missions traveling due to the pandemic, so the amounts of prior and likely future years are differing.) We will file our form 990 with the IRS with a year to date amount of total income of $49,937*.

Program Expenses are defined as the costs for accomplishing our mission statement (includes activities like giving humanitarian aid support for orphans and vulnerable children primarily this year of $13,516, along with mission trip funds of $16,216 and the cost of our radio ministry of $510 reaching 73 nations for instance. It also includes the minimum wage salary for one staff member of $14,500 for full time work for a grand total year to date of $44,742.)

Administrative Expenses are defined as the costs for the overhead of the ministry and include things such as the office expenses and supplies needed to run the organization from an operational basis, such as the website hosting fees, training classes for staff, accounting fees, etc. currently totaling $5,520.

Fundraising Expenses are defined just as implied, the fees for our database for email and text campaigns for instance are included here for a total of $675.

Generally speaking from a historical accounting look back over the many decades of mission trips with our family, for every dollar donated, one child has come to Christ.  Even in this odd year for pandemic travel restrictions, it is still close to true accounting too with the new technology outreaches such as international radio ministry reaching thousands weekly all over the globe.

Investing into Family of Faith Global Missions is sowing into eternity for reaching boys and girls for Jesus!  Thank you partners for believing in this vision.


* All amounts are accurately reflected in good faith accounting as of December 29, 2020.  As applicants for the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, we will be having our books audited and hopefully receive full accreditation in 2021.  We are intentional in our goal to adhere to the ECFA Standards for Financial Accountability stated here in more detail so that we can qualify as accredited with ECFA.   Our IRS determination letter is linked here if you wish to inspect our Doing Good Alliance International DBA Family of Faith Global Missions with an EIN of 82-4996869.

Our annual board meeting notes, secretary of state filings, IRS form 990, incorporation, and more is available upon request. As a 501c3 tax exempt organization, all gifts are deductible to the extent permitted by law, generally 100% of donations, and donors will be sent a year end statement in January of each year following donations.

Budget Goals for 2021

Whether you can contribute $1 or $1 million, we need your partnership because everyone can participate in the harvest of reaching children through giving.  Our budget needs for 2021 include a primary goal of our family becoming full time supported by the ministry, which means we need to pay our living expenses for our homebase for our family's salary.  We have given away over a million dollars of our own inheritances and personal life savings until there is nothing left to give to support the ministry while Lloyd has continually worked a secular career.  However, in order to meet the invitations of the ministry to go to the nations, we must have Lloyd and Marie working full time in the ministry without a tent-making job's time constraints if we are to reach the goals the Lord is calling us to do.  Yet, we have three kids and bills to pay at home even before we leave the country, so our most urgent need is to cover the family expenses so that we can be full time missionaries.  We want to go on a mission trip for about ten days each month on average, with each trip average costs of $2,000 per person just for airfare, lodging, and food, you can see how the expenses quickly add up.  Most children's crusades will cost around $10,000 and up for a week of ministry to cover the costs of international pastor's meals and transportation to get their participation, rentals for the crusade location and sound and staging, advertising materials, follow-up and outreach supplies, etc.  Our partnerships with local orphanages and churches/ministries reaching kids continue with $50-100 or more donations on average per month or quarter for most of the previous and upcoming partners we work with around the world. With your help, we can grow to the next level by monthly commitments of a few dozen supporting individuals, businesses, and churches.  Or, you can choose to help us sponsor a child or sponsor an orphanage for $30-300 a month. For a copy of our full detailed projected 2021 budget, email us at to request. Thank you in advance for your contributions to make God's dream a reality for boys and girls around the world!