Family of Faith Global Missions, founded by Lloyd and Marie Tsuruda, has worked with children in over 84 nations, leading 4+ million kids to faith in Jesus in schools, playgrounds, and neighborhoods, together with local churches to disciple the families. Having partnered with multiple orphanages worldwide, our heart is to develop children's homes for boys and girls who are abused or abandoned. The ultimate goal is family reunification where rehabilitation is possible or placement with local, loving adoptive parents ultimately. Yet, in the middle is the mess of the child who does not have what we will provide: a safe place to sleep and shower, farm fresh food to fill their hungry bellies, clothes, including a clean uniform and shoes that fit to be allowed to go to school for an education, and most importantly, loving daily and overnight care from Christian houseparents who will guide them spiritually and trained staff who can counsel them thru their traumas. The goal is to help transition these children into a place of wholeness where they know Christ and can share Jesus' love they have received tangibly with their nation and in the process, have a solid foundation to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This home we are in the process of building in Kenya is just the beginning of more children's home ministries around the world. Will you help us help these kids in need find hope and home?



The dozens of children we are serving in Kenya do not have families to go home to:  

  • due to DEATHS where they are orphaned without a living relative to care for them, or
  • the parent(s) is ABUSIVE, or
  • they have ABANDONED the child(ren).
  • Who we do NOT serve: we are NOT a boarding school we are NOT serving financially poor parents. 
  • We believe the best place for a child is in a loving home with parents, not a group setting for a long time if, at all possible, we aim for rehabilitation programs for the living relatives to help with family reunification when it is a healthy environment free of abuse, or when that is impossible, 
  • we look for local adoptive families to foster and ultimately adopt these kids. 
  • We partner with local social workers and the government of the area to ensure that law enforcement and the courts are used in the best interest of the child in transition. 
  • The need we meet is in the middle -- the child is a trauma victim, usually helplessly stranded sometimes living on the streets. 
  • This is our opportunity to welcome them to the Family of Faith Global Missions Children's Home!


  • FOUNDERS: Programs and policies are set up by Marie Tsuruda, a degreed teacher and ordained children's minister missionary and founder of Family of Faith Global Missions. 
  • Local Leadership is hand selected and screened extensively to have the longevity of working with children in need. We are partnered with a local church and a husband and wife in this rural area who have the land they have donated for the buildings and their lives they have committed to leading the daily tasks of farming and financial sustainability of the program, coordinating education with local schools, and ensuring basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are covered as well as proper intake of children and family reunification/adoption programs and management of staff.
  • Houseparents: local "mamas," many widows who are godly mothers to help tutor and nurture and discipline these youngsters, and
  • Caregivers: some young adult "nannies" -- ladies to keep up with the cooking, chores, and physical caregiving. 
  • Mentors: a team of local pastors will also help steer the godly fatherly role models so desperately needed while we also bring in qualified social workers and counselors.


  • True religion is this...to help the widows and orphans -- James 1:27.

  •  “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25


How Can You Help: 


  • Come with us for a week this August to rural Kenya while we build the group home on the church farm for abused and abandoned children. Come meet the kids you are changing their lives forever! 


  • anything helps towards the approximately $20,000 cost to build the residential orphanage as transitional Housing for a dozen girls and a dozen boys from ages 2-12. + $10K water well. We have a matching donor, so every dollar you give doubles! 
  • help with specific needs like a cow for $400 or other items like mattresses and bedding for $100, ... anything you can think of needed to furnish this children's home is vital and you can decide what to designate to donate. and
  • even $25 per child one time will provide uniforms and shoes for up to 100 needy kids to be able to go to school monthly support of
  • any amount will help pay staff and provide the daily needs of these kids. 

Pray and Connect! 

  • Write encouragement on Facebook to our local leaders, 
  • join a Zoom monthly video call with the kids and share a story or listen to them sing, etc. 
  • Message marie@fofgm.com for details. 
  • Remember these in your daily prayers!